Do you have any questions about the Customer Portal? Below we have put together key questions and answers about the WERTGARANTIE Customer Portal.

Please note that the following information represents the current policy conditions of our products and may vary depending on the insurance product. Please refer to your policy documents for the contractual conditions that apply to you. If you have any further questions or require quick assistance, please contact our customer service via our live chat.


If you can’t remember your password, it’s easy to get a new one. Just click on Forgotten password. You will receive the password by email at the address you provided.

Your contract number is an 8-digit number. You can find it in various places. If you have documents from correspondence relating to past contracts, your can find your contract number there. The contract number is also noted in the payment reference field in our debits from your account. If you cannot find your contract number, please contact the WERTGARANTIE customer service department on +49 (0)511 71280-123 and ask for your contract number.

You can find your mandate reference (follows MREF+) here or your contract number (follows “Vertrag” (“contract”)) on your bank statement.

Example: The appearance of bank statements can vary from bank to bank.

It may take a few minutes for the email to be sent to you. Thank you for your patience. If you still have not received an email after several minutes, please check whether the email with the confirmation link has been filtered by a spam filter in your mailbox. If after a while you have not received an email, please request a new confirmation link under Register.

The IMEI is a combination of digits that uniquely identifies every mobile phone device. To find out your mobile phone’s IMEI, simply enter the key combination *#06# on your mobile phone keypad and the IMEI will display. If your device has a flight mode, please ensure this is deactivated, or the IMEI may not display. You can also find the IMEI on your device’s packaging and on the invoice or delivery note. For most devices, you can also find the IMEI on the device — in the battery compartment, when you remove the battery, or, for devices with no removable battery, on the reverse of the device.

The serial number is a unique device identifier which may consist of letters and numbers and which allows the device to be traced back to manufacture. On tablets, the serial number is usually printed or engraved on the reverse. The serial number can also be found on the device packaging. It can be recognised based on the prefix "S/N", "SN", "SNID", "Serial No." or just "Serial". If the device is switched on, it can also be displayed via the software on Android devices and Apple iPads. On Android, you can find it under “Settings” under “About phone”, “Device info”, “Phone info” or similar. If the serial number is still not displayed, press “Status”. On iOS on the iPad, you can find it under “Settings” “General” “Info”.

You can submit your termination online via our termination form. In the event of a death, please use our termination in the event of death form to submit your termination or contact us by telephone to transfer your contract. If you would like to terminate your contract for another reason, please use our termination form here in the Customer Portal.

Your can change your address quickly and easily here in the Customer Portal under “My details”. Please note that an address change cannot be used to transfer the contract to another person.

Banking matters

Contributions are debited from the account you provided on conclusion of the contract. If you would like to view your bank details, you can do this yourself under "My contracts". You can also change your bank details under "My details".

Simply provide us with your bank details in the “My details” area of this Customer Portal. This allows us to debit the premium owed and future contributions from the designated bank account.


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